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What is Animal Chiropractic?

Animal Chiropractic Care offered by Dr. Art LaBelle in the Park City area is a holistic approach to health care and performance issues of dogs, cats, and horses. Animal chiropractic provides an alternative method of care that often complements traditional care available. Used concurrently, many of your dog’s musculoskeletal conditions respond dramatically, and rehabilitation can take place quickly and efficiently. Canine Chiropractic care helps to restore and maintain health and performance, working holistically to eliminate the cause and not just the symptoms of a problem your pet is experiencing. Animal chiropractic for dogs can include treatment for joint pain and soreness, chronic health problems, disk issues, and other ailments your fur baby may be experiencing.

At Mountain Chiropractor Dr. Art Labelle is Certified by the American Chiropractic Veterinary Association.

Dr. LaBelle is a chiropractic physician for both humans and animals, with over 20 years of holistic care experience. Our animal chiropractic practice includes treatment of dogs, cats, and horses. Driven by his love for animals, Dr. LaBelle transferred his chiropractic knowledge to animals via the American Chiropractic Veterinary Association (AVCA) program and has animal chiropractic in Salt Lake City and the Park City Area.

In his human chiropractic practice, LaBelle provides natural health care for families as well as elite athletes in the Park City area. He specializes in applied kinesiology and holistic health care, creating wellness that enables the body to heal itself. LaBelle is widely known in the community for successfully treating tough health care issues. Dr. LaBelle treats patients from all over the state of Utah, including the Park City and Salt lake city and surrounding areas.

Scheduling Appointments:

Please contact Mountain Chiropractor and Dr. Art LaBelle at (435) 640-8227 to schedule an animal chiropractic appointment today.

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