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I have had a different practice than most chiropractors. As a Student, I would spend about an hour or so with a typical patient. Being new and excited to help, I would look for anything I could to enhance and better align. Now almost 20 years in practice, this has not stopped. Today most of my visits are an hour long. Not uncommon for someone to come in for 2 or more hours of my focused time.

Dr. Art LaBelle is a nationally recognized kinesiologist, chiropractor, and digestive health specialist based in Summit County, Utah. Initially trained in chiropractic, Dr. LaBelle has undergone intense education and practical experience in kinesiology, digestive health, nutrition, and herbology. He runs a private chiropractic practice, specializing in elite athletes, family practice, and animal chiropractic.

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself, especially when it is nutritionally and structurally balanced. My overall goal is to put the body into balance by eliminating underlying structural and chemical issues and ultimately increasing the patient’s overall wellness.