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Avoid Ski Injuries

How to Effectively Avoid Injuries in Skiing

Don’t ski.  Simple, easy and effective.  Best of all, anyone can do it.  For those of us that are aware of this and ski anyway, we may be aware that fitness and good nutrition are how we maintain a high level of focus.  When the focus goes down risk goes up.  Skiing is a high-risk sport and it is a good strategy to minimize risk in every way possible while maximizing fun.  Is the reward worth the risk?  Only you can answer this.  The way to get in ski shape is to ski.  To get in pre-ski shape, do the things you do until your ski season begins.  I bike and skate.  Every year I realize more how important it is to maintain a high level of activity.  Pre sports conditioning is the sport one does before its time to change seasons.  When things go wrong, we work tirelessly to make them right again.  Look at an injury without ego and figure out how you could have done better that day.  This is one of the ways we develop wisdom.  A couple of summers ago I crashed on my mountain bike.  Too much exercise for the amount of food I had eaten.  Lost focus almost entirely.  Taught me that I can push my reserves beyond an empty tank.  It also taught me how vulnerable I am in this state to injury.  I have a higher priority in making sure I’m nourished now.  When I ski, my mind is conscious of many things.  If I notice my focus starts to struggle, I know it is time to figure out if I can continue skiing or is it time to call it a day.  I’m not interested in my biggest day ever, or my most this or fastest that.  I ski fast enough for my pleasure and jump as big and as much as seems right on that day.  My goal is to have another fun day without incident.

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