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Dr. Art LaBelle is listed in Who’s who of colleges and Universities for his work in gross anatomy as a graduate student. Now going into his 20th year of practice, his study of anatomy and biomechanics has never stopped. Opening up muscles and joints to bring forward a better resting posture is often the treatment goal. Post graduate work in Applied Kinesiology, chiropractic, acupuncture, biochemistry, functional medicine, enzyme therapy, Digestive health, graston, network chiropractic, and various other physical, energetic and nutritional theraputics. He enjoyed time working and learning with Kory Branham DC more than 10 years ago. This time with one of the best of the best healers was pivotal in my development. 12 years ago I went to a specialized school for veterinarians and chiropractors to certify in animal chiropractic.

What Do We Look For?

Looking for symmetry not perfection. How might your posture affect your lifestyle? How can I impact the reason you came in? Why is this happening or not happening and how can we make change? What would I like to see for you?


Our Philosophy

The body has an amazing ability to heal itself, especially when it is nutritionally and structurally balanced. My overall goal is to put the body into balance by eliminating underlying structural and chemical issues and ultimately increasing the patient’s overall wellness.

I see all new patients for at least one hour. This gives us the opportunity to find and work with underlying health issues and provide a noticeable result during the first visit. My approach to a session is unique to your individual needs. To generalize, I look at the torque patterns of the body and what symptomatic presentations and performance issues exist. I then try to identify the root causes. As I go to work on the root causes, I am constantly reassessing the patient to make sure the body is moving in the direction it needs to go. Outside of things that require surgical management, in general, if you get a joint to sit and move the way it’s supposed to, it can be made strong.

To add to the complexity of the human body, it has been long understood and proven in medicine that organ dysfunction causes muscle tension. Another way to achieve optimal health is by getting the digestion, assimilation and elimination correct. Getting the body properly nourished supports energy production, growth, repair and homeostasis of the body’s fluids. As a Digestive Health Specialist, I have worked on hundreds of patients with enzyme therapy, herbology and clinical nutrition. Enzymes can be optimal wellness aids in helping to increase health and athletic performance.

My philosophy is to spend concentrated time with my patients in order to correct the issues over a shorter span of time. Many of my patients come monthly, quarterly, or annually, depending on their health goals. That being said, I have many patients that see me on a more regular basis in order to continually improve health and wellness.

“Most of my patient base is athletic, from recreational to elite amateur/ professional. I love to help motivated people achieve greatness. My approach is effective in balancing joints of the body. I am confident that, if allowed to, I can help you achieve a more functional, balanced use of your body.”

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