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Art LabelleDr. Art LaBelle is a nationally recognized kinesiologist, chiropractor, and digestive health specialist based in Summit County, Utah. Initially trained in chiropractic, Dr. LaBelle has undergone intense education and practical experience in kinesiology, digestive health, nutrition, and herbology. He runs a private chiropractic practice, specializing in elite athletes, family practice, and animal chiropractic.

starting his practice in 1998, Dr. LaBelle’s persistent research and continuing education keeps him up to date on new techniques and the latest information for maintaining optimal health, thus making him one of the most knowledgeable and informed professionals in his field. This has enabled him to run a successful, 100% referral-based natural health practice. In fact, a number of Dr. LaBelle’s patients travel across the country to be treated by him.

Dr. LaBelle’s main objective is to help his patients achieve their highest level of whole-body health, combining skill and expertise that spans the entire wellness spectrum --including, chiropractic, kinesiology, enzyme therapy, nutritional counseling, hot laser therapy, acupuncture, exercise protocols, and proper ergonomics.

LaBelle has significant of experience working on cases with other physicians, physical therapists, psychologists, massage therapists and other practitioners to recover from injuries and or enhance function.

A lifelong athlete, LaBelle currently participates in a number of sports including telemark skiing (averaging over 70 ski days per season), mountain biking, Speed skating and hiking.